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Why Choose a Home Stay Over a Hotel

Traveling is one of the most mind opening and soul expanding adventures anybody can undertake in their lifetime. From learning about all there is to know about a new culture or immersing yourself in a new language, the experiences are out there just waiting to be discovered.

The level of adventure you have is entirely up to you. However, where you choose to stay can impose certain restrictions which can limit your overall experiences.

Before the internet boom, the choice for travelers was a hotel. Namely, because it is hard to get information on anything else. Then, as the world began to open up, hostels became the go-to choice for budget minded adventure seekers.

Today, hostels still hold their own in the travel world. Largely because of the wide range of people you will meet and the availability of shuttle services and tours.

However, when the Internet boom happened, it was more than just savings at the Groupon Coupons page for Buckle or funny online videos. It provided the perfect platform to usher in a new era in travel accommodation known as home-sharing. The most popular service being Airbnb.

Airbnb is a platform which allows regular homeowners like yourself to rent out space in their home.

This space could be a bedroom, a couch, a bungalow, or even their garage. And it is this level of opportunity which has the most appeal for travelers looking to get a local feel for the country or town they are visiting.

By staying in one of these spaces, travelers like yourself share a space with a local. But more than that, locals who WANT to have to travelers in their home and who enjoy learning about the world and introducing their own world to people passing through.

Staying at places like these give you so much more opportunity to meet more local people because you are staying in a local’s house. They are happy to introduce you to their friends, helping you to assimilate and enjoy your vacation.

This is a big benefit over hostels, where the majority of the people you will meet will be fellow travelers.

Of course, this also affords you opportunities to see local sights with a tour provided by your new and local friends. By being shown the sights by locals and one-on-one instead of a tour group, you can get a much greater feel for the culture and understanding of its history.

If you are hesitant to stay in a space such as these, look through the reviews and see what fellow travelers have to say about the place and the people.

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